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Praise & Worship Songs
Monday – Friday 11AM – 11:30AM

Praise & Worship Songs
Monday – Friday 12:30PM – 1PM

Speakers Lecture about Israel (LIVE)
Monday – Friday 3PM – 5PM
Information about the rapture of the church, the judgement of the world, and the role of Israel in the two above events in the latter days prophecies.

Speakers Lecture
Monday – Friday 11:30AM – 12PM

Daily Bible Study (LIVE)
Monday – Friday 1PM – 2PM

Worship & Adoration Songs
Monday – Friday 5PM – 6PM

Open Forum/Show Discussion (LIVE)
Monday – Friday 6PM – 8PM

Worship & Adoration Songs
Saturday 2PM – 3PM

Daily Prayer (LIVE)
Monday – Friday 12PM – 12:30PM

Daily Bible Reading
Monday – Friday 2PM – 3PM

Daily Bible Conferene
Saturday 4PM – 5PM

Weekly Preaching
Saturday 1PM – 2PM

Prayer, Healing & Deliverance
24/7 Telephone Prayer